FOUNDER and ceo

Philip heard of the situation and knew he needed to start an organization to help take care of refugees in his homeland, Bangladesh. Thus began the journey of creating the details know as Project Dosh. He takes 2-4 trips a year to Bangladesh to examine the work, but also to build relationships with government officials and refugees.


Kazi Kamrul Hassan

In-country coordinator

Kazi Kamrul Hassan, better known as, Milon, is our in-country coordinator. He oversees the implementation of all projects on the ground, in the refugees camps. He is also the liaison between Project Dosh and any government officials related to Rohingya refugees. He volunteers all of his time and efforts because he cares deeply for the refugees and their situation.


Eli Thurman

Director of communications

Eli had the privilege of traveling to Bangladesh in May of 2019 and saw the plight of the Rohingya refugees. Like his father Philip, the founder of this organization, he knew he wanted to volunteer his time to help in any way he could. He is the creator of the website and all of our social media platforms. He like Milon, volunteers his time and efforts to Project Dosh.