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Over 100,000 lives protected and 1,500 families fed and clothed

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Our very first project we were made aware of was the need for Vetiver grass to be planted. The refugees came  in and took down all the natural habitat and all that was left were dirt hills. So project Dosh along with a few other partners raised $20,000.00 to plant 1.2 million Vetiver grass saplings. 93% of the grass survived. Project Dosh were the FIRST ones to do this. Now many other organizations have taken samplings from our saplings and have placed them in other camps. We were the model organization to make that happen. Records showed that 100,000 people could lose their life. We heard that three lost there life. A significant decrease, but still too many.

We then were asked if we could do a sewing school. It would be a three month training of ladies. We would have a master tailor, and two apprentices. Each class had 80 ladies involved. Project Dosh provided sewing machines, starter kit, and a chair. Once they completed the course they would receive the sewing machine, chair and starter kit. We have completed two classes and still have one more to go. Project Dosh was the FIRST organization to provide training and occupation for Rohingya women. Once again…..FIRST.

In December we were able to work with two Camp in Charge and provide clothing for two big camps. We provided clothing and blankets for a thousand people. Another massive feat that Project Dosh took on.

The final project was just completed July 2019. We clothed and fed 410 families. Each family received 1.2 kg of rice, 2.2 kg of sugar, 3.2 kg of a vegetable, and 4.1 kg of dates. Families that had a girl from the age of 3-10 years old received two pieces of clothing, boys received the same. The mother received a new sari and the men received a lungi. All of this was received well. We gave 75% to the refugees and 25% was given to the host community. 

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