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Project Dosh exists to help empower Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and reassure them that they are not forgotten people. We also want to partner with the host community and help them in anyway we can. We strive to bring hope to refugees who may feel defeated, forgotten or uncared for.


Our goal is to raise $10 million to impact this community. We believe this situation will be around a long time and we are here to help as best as we can. We are able to hear of a need and activate our team quickly. We need your donations and abilities as much as you can give. We would like to continue providing food and clothes, educational supplies, and continue in our sewing project endeavors.


“We are here not to make a point but to make a difference.”

Philip Thurman  | Founder

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Sheik Hasina, the Prime Minster of Bangladesh has said that some 1.1 million Rohingya refugees have come over from Myanmar. It is the LARGEST refugee crisis in the world. On one of his visits, Philip had the privilege of sitting in a mosque and hearing the grueling and painful stories of heroes and how they escaped the atrocities they faced. It is a shame that humans treat each other the way they have been treated. The camps are full of women and children because many of the husbands and men have been killed by the military of Myanmar.

When the news broke initially on August 25, 2017, our founder Philip Thurman knew he had to do something to help with this dire situation. Having grown up in Bangladesh he knew he would have to be involved in a small way. He took an initial trip in October 2017 and while there had the privilege of connecting with some amazing leaders involved in the situation.

That has opened the door for Project Dosh to continue working on projects three or four times a year.


Ready to help?




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